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Welcome to Battlefield 2 HQ

Battlefield 2 HQ: Your Number 1 Guide to all the Battlefield 2 tips, tricks and guides.

Greetings soldier. Welcome to BF2 HQ.

Here you will have the chance to look at and receive tips and tricks to improve your skill in BF2.

Feel free to browse through the pages, and maybe even comment and/or start a discussion about Battlefield 2.

In case you were wondering my name is Suad1997. I’ve been playing BF2 for quite a bit now.

My rank is Gunnery Sargeant but rank isn’t important.

My favourite kits to use in Battlefield 2 are: Anti-tank, Assault and Support.

I hope you enjoy these tips and guides for Battlefield 2.

And also one of the most important things I ask you to do is, please comment on any pages providing any other tips or help, if they are good I will use them and you will receive full credit.

Good luck, soldier. See you on the Battlefield.

Gunnery Sargaent, Suad1997-