Battlefield 2 Unlocks (Weapons)

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Anyhow, this page is dedicated to Battlefield 2 unlocks.

I will first name the weapons and provide a picture, and then discuss them.

Spec Ops – G36C

This is a very powerful weapon and should not be underestimated. It has a magazine capacity of 30 with 5 extra magazines. It doesn’t have a RDS (red dot scope) however the very thin and accurate crosshairs make up for it.

A popular unlock for Spec Ops players, highly recommended.

Assaut – G3

Wow…perhaps one of the most UNDERESTIMATED weapons in Battlefield 2.

 The G3 assault unlock is very powerful and  accurate (despite what many say). The really big down side is that it has a magazine capacity of 20 instead of 30 which causes the player to reload more often.

It is still a very good unlock for assault players and you might wanna team up with a Support guy for ammo.

Sniper – M95

Alot of mixed views about this weapon.

 I personally prefer it to the M24 because of higher damage but there is a drawback in this sniper weapons accuracy due to the fact that it has very thick crosshairs, so long range shots are harder to accomplish.

Its got a magazine capacity of 5 with 6 extra magazines.

Another significant difference is that the M95 can shoot through the glass of helicopters, jets and ofcourse cars.

If you’re a bit tired of the M24, SVD, just unlock this weapon for higher damage.

Support – PKM

Arguably one of the best weapons in Battlefield 2.

The PKM is absolutely awesome.

 It is a very accurate machine gun when used correctly in a prone position and only takes a few shots to take down infantry with and without amor.

It’s got a magazine capacity of 100 (not too much so fire in bursts) with 5 extra magazines. But don’t worry about ammo, you are a support player after all ;).

Medic – L85A1

The most popular unlock in Battlefield 2 by far.

The L85 is a very  very accurate and useful weapon. It’s got a ‘needle-pin’ scope which allows for very accurate medium to long range shooting and it only takes about 3-5 hits to take down a healthy target.

Its got a magazine capacity of 30 with 5 extra magazines.

If you usually play Medic and you get an unlock..UNLOCK THIS WEAPON.

Anti – Tank – DAO 12

ALOT of people prefer the MP5 but I don’t understand why..

The DAO-12 contrary to belief, is a very very useful and powerful weapon.

 It only takes about 2 shots from a medium range distance to take down any target. It is even more useful as a defensive tool if the enemy tried to come close.

Its got a magazine capacity of 12 shots and 60 extra shells. It does take alot of time to reload though so make sure you have some kind of cover.

I strongly reccomend this to ANY Anti-Tank player..

And last and the least..

Engineer – Jackhammer.

You’d be better off with a real hammer…

This weapon is reasonable when from really really close range but otherwise…use the shotgun.

Its got a magazine capacity of 7 and 5 extra magazines..amd its automatic ?

If you’re an engineer though, unlock it if you want to..

Well that’s it, I hope you found this BF2 unlocks guide useful.

PLEASE leave a comment or start a discussion below :- )

Cya on the Battlefield Soldier.

– Gunnery Sargaent, Suad 1997-


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