Battlefield 2 Shooting Guide & Tips

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Welcome to Battlefield 2 HQ. Your number one guide to all the tips and tricks for BF2 ;).

This page is about how to be more accurate and a better shooter in Bf2.

Shooting is obviously essential in Battlefield 2..

I’ve heard alot of people say..

“It’s so annoying, I saw this guy first and started shooting him, I shot him like alot and the he turned around and 1 shot I’m dead, WTF HES USING AIMBOT”

So to avoid that, I’m gonna suggest some methods of shooting so you own more at Battlefield 2.

Shooting with Spec Ops and Assault.

To successfully kill your enemy, you not only have to shoot him, but also avoid getting shot..That’s the important thing alot of people forget!

Just imagine yourself in the other players eyes, are you standing still and easy to hit, or are you a moving target which is much harder ?

These are all things you need to consider.

First we’ll go over how to improve your shooting, and after that how to avoid getting shot.

Here are somne easy but effective tips which will improve your shooting.

1) Use your iron sights, scope. This will greatly increase your accuracy.

2) If you have an accurate weapon (sniper, assault, spec ops) AIM FOR THE HEAD. It only takes 1 shot and your enemy is down, so use the accurate weapons to the best of their ability.

3) To increase your accuracy, crouch and go prone. Crouching and proning increases your accuracy alot, and if the enemy is farther away, he’ll have trouble hitting you.

4) Line up your iron sights and then fire. If an enemy is running straight towards you, quickly go prone and line up your iron sights so that the top is aiming for any part of his body, then just pull the trigger. If you line up your iron sights with the target, your accuracy will increase!

5) If the enemy doesn’t know where you are, you don’t have to make it too obvious. Just come on him quietly and use your knife or aim for the head.

6) Use single fire for accuracy. Going auto on a target which is quite far away won’t do anything except tell him your location. If he doesn’t know where you are, switch to single and take him out quickly before he can react.

And now on how to avoid getting shot down easily in BF2.

1) Take cover!! You’ve got a better chance of surviving if there’s a barrier between you and the bullets flying at your head. Don’t stay too long though or your enemy will pwn you with a grenade..

2) DON’T JUST STAND THERE. Standing still makes you almost as easy to kill as a BF2 bot on easy mode. Keep moving. What I tend to do is side step, prone, shoot, get up and repeat. That way I’m getting some shots in but the enemy is having a harder time.

3) Get to cover when you’re reloading, you’ll look very dumb if you’re reloading in the open in the middle of a firefight.

4) Tip for Battlefield 2 Medics: Find a good place where there is a lot of cover and throw some medpacks on the ground. And then engage the enemy, that way even if you do get shot your life will go back to full and you can continue firing..

5) Tip for Snipers: Aim for the head. When you see a target as soon as he stops moving shoot him. If the target is just jumping around and randomly sprinting, dont waste your ammo on him. Another, if a target is walking towards something, aim your crosshairs about 5 metres infront of him and as he goes shoot him. So pretty much let the enemy “walk into your crosshairs”.

Thats it for now, remember to keep checking back..

Make sure you leave a comment and add your own tips, or maybe start a discussion..

-Gunnery Sargaent, Suad 1997- 


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