Battlefield 2 Kits

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This page is about BF2 kits and how to use them effectively.

Let’s start with the BF2 Spec-Ops kit.



1) Knife.

2) 92FS pistol with silencer.

3) M4 (your primary weapon)

4) C4 charges (ka-boom)

Now lets discuss the use of all these weapons.

Lets say you’re playing a round in BF2, Strike at Karkand.

You were just in a middle of an intense firefight where you fired off all your ammo on your primary weapon aswell as your pistol.

You see an enemy coming around the corner and hes already deployed his gun.

What would you do?

Since your weapons have no ammo and you can’t reload fast enough…that’s where the knife comes in.

Quickly hit the “1” key (default) and stab away. You only need 1 hit most of the time to take down a target with your knife. It WILL save your life.

What I tend to do is run up to the target, go prone and stab him upwards in the chest, but anyway works.

2) Pistol

Your pistol (with a silencer) can be an absolutely essential asset when playing Battlefield 2.

Lets picture another scenario.

You’re in the middle of a firefight and you run out of ammo on your primary weapon. You hit your target a few times but he’s still up.  You don’t have any ammo and no time to reload.

What would you do ?

Press the “2” key (default) and fire away!

I cannot emphasize how important it is to always use your pistol when out of ammo and if your target is still standing.

If you have no ammo in your pistol either, use your knife as explained above.

3) M4

Your primary weapon. This is your most powerful and valuable weapon in your arsenal.

The m4 is a fairly good weapon. It’s god a RDS (red dot scope) which allows accurate medium range shooting.

Its got 30 bullets in a clip so don’t waste them. It does however have 5 extra magazines which can come in handy.

It has full auto and single firing modes. Use single-shot for accuracy and use full auto for fire-powah ;).

4) Grenades

They are what they are. Use these sparingly as you do not have many. Use these to lure an enemy out of their cover or just throw them at groups of people tightly packed together for total pwnage.

Grenades are used ALOT in Battlefield2 especially in Bf2 maps like Strike at Karkand.

5) Last but in no way least..C4

C4 are pretty much sticky bombs which can be detonated using a switch. C4 pretty much sticks to anything and everything, so feel free to sneak up to an enemy vehicle stick a couple on a blow them up.

Another very important use of C4 in BF2 is to destroy the enemy commanders tools such as artillery and UAV.

Remember you dont show up when the commander scans the field so just sneak up to his base and take out his precious little tools.

Be warned though, they may do the same to you. Thats the way Battlefield 2 works.

The next Battlefield 2 kit we’re gonna go over is Support.

Support is one of the most important kits in Bf2.

These are the guys you rely on to cover you when you’re under heavy fire.

The support guys are also there mostly to provide cover fire for their team.

You are equipped with a machine gun, grenades, knife (all mentioned above) and..

1) Ammo Bags

Ammo bags, these are very important in Battlefield 2.

Ammo bags re-supply your teammates giving them full ammo.

You can get massive points for putting ammo bags in the right places.

You can also throw ammo bags for your team to pick up.

A good map to stack up on ammo points in Battlefield 2 is the map Strike at Karkand.

I suggest putting them in crowded places such as doorways, bridges and stairs.

2) M249 SAW

This is your primary weapon. Its got massive fire powah with 200 bullet magazine capacity and 5 extra magazines..

All of Battlefield dreads encountering this weapon.

However this Bf2 weapon does have a significant weakness.. It’s accuracy kinda sucks.

When playing support on Battlefield 2 and you see an enemy if you just stand still and scope and fire you’ll miss.

Even if you crouch and fire with support your accuracy won’t be amazing.

But prone is different.

When you go prone your accuracy increases by miles (metaphorically) and you can take down (with your scope) short to medium range targets.

However still make sure you fire in bursts because if you go full auto theres a risk to over-heating..

What I do is when I see an enemy, I quickly side step left and right so its harder for him to aim, I then quickly go prone and bam.

So to help you remember on how to shoot better in BF2 as support, here’s a little formula.

Support shooting without prone = epic fail & death.

Simple enough ? 🙂

Now lets venture of into the Battlefield 2 Sniper kit.

Snipers in BF2, perhaps one of the more popular kits to choose.

Snipers in Battlefield 2 are equipped with: grenades, knife, pistol and..

1) Claymores

These little guys are life-savers for snipers.

Theses claymores are almost like mines but explode whenever an enemy moves infront of it.

Claymores have a radius of about 5 metres and are used as a defensive tool in BF2.

If you’re sniping from a building for example, then a good place to put a claymore would be near the ladder or doorway.

2) Last but not least, your main Battlefield 2 sniper weapon, the M24.

The m24 is your main weapon. It has thin crosshairs which allows for long-range sniping in BF2. It does quite alot of damage and 2 chest shots should take down even a healthy target. And ofcourse headshots are 1 shot 1 kill.

And last tip for Battlefield 2 snipers…take cover.

You won’t last long if you just jump out in the middle of a firefight and go running around with your knife.

Snipers should take cover and take down enemy targets from a safe distance.

Remember you are in a ghilee costume so its ideal to hide somwhere between trees or in the long grass, remember, BLEND IN.

Next is one of the most important kits in Bf2..the Battlefield 2 MEDIC kit.

Medics…they’re lifesavers (literally).

In Battlefield 2, medics are absolutely essential to form a good squad or team in BF2.

Medics have the ability to heal themselves and their teammates using medpacks.

Medpacks are pretty much the same as ammo packs only they give life not ammo.

Same thing with location, throw them in busy places where there is lots of infantry.

Medics are also armed (literally, you can kill with defibrillator) with a defibrillator, these are used to revise crtically injured team mates in Battlefield 2.

A good technique for reviving is to run up to your target, jump, go prone, and bring him back to life.

This way the enemy has a lower chance of hitting you while you save your buddy.

Medics are also armed with an M16A2 assault rifle.

 This rifle is quite good for combat in BF2. Its got nice iron sights which allows for accurate medium range shooting. Its got a nice 3 round burst firing mode which improves its accuracy aswell. Its got a magazine capacity of 30 and 5 extra magazines.

Tip for medics:

Do your job. Your job isn’t to go out on a rampage with your L85 or M16 and pwn everything that moves. Your job is to keep your team healthy and revive injured team mates. And always listen for the shout “MEDIC!”

And now onto the next class…vehicle damaged, dont have car insurance ? Why not call a Battlefield 2 Engineer?


Engineer isn’t the most popular kit to play in Battlefield 2..

Their only real purpose is to repair damaged vehicles and commander’s assets (UAV, Artillery).

They do however have AT Mines which are basically ground mines which explode whenever a vehicle goes over them, these are mainly used to destroy Tanks and APC’s in Battlefield 2.

They are also equipped with a wrench which you can use to fix friendly vehicles in Battlefield 2.

Engineers don’t have the most amazing weapons, their primary weapon is the M11-87 shot gun..

Its not very accurate but is effective when used against close targets..

The shotgun has a magazine capacity of 7 shots and 25 extra shells.

Tip for engineers: Make sure all your vehicles have good health and look after the commanders assets..

Now lets go over the Anti-Tank kit in Battlefield 2.

Anti-tank is one of the most lethal and dangerous kits to play in BF2.

Their mean priority is to take out enemy vehicles from a distance.

Its a good idea to have an Anti-Tank in your squad so that if you run into some enemy vehicles, you can take them down.

Anti-tank in BF2 come equipped with an MP5 and a rocket launcher.

The MP5 is a decent weapon but should be used in defence only, your job as anti-tank is not to assault flags and capture them. Your job is to protect your team from enemy armor.

So the MP5 should be used in a defensive manner only, if you run into some enemy infantry.

It has a magazine capacity of 30 bullets and 5 extra magazines but its accuracy isn’t terribly good.

2) Anti-tank also comes with a SRAW which is basically a rocket launcher. Do not use this on infantry as you do not have alot of these, however they are very effective against armour in Battlefield 2 and are also user-guided after they are fired so you can adjust their path accordingly.

Tips: When you are aiming to hit an enemy vehicle, aim slightly above so the “alarm” doesn’t go off, then quickly move your aim down and fire, this way the armour won’t have time to react quick enough..

And last but not least, the Assault kit.

The assault kit in BF2 is the “big cheese”.

If you were plannin to go and capture a flag, the first guy in would be an assault troop.

They are equipped with all the basics and also they have a smoke grenade and body armour.

The USMC assault weapon (the M203) is a very powerful and accurate weapon. It also has a grenade launcher attatched which you can use to take out vehicles and large groups of infantry.

An assault troop would be very useful in a squad, as he has body armour and a powerful weapon.

Tips: When going in for a flag, throw a smoke grenade first then go around the back and kill any enemy infantry guarding it. This way they will not be able to see you..


And thats, that.

I hope you enjoyed reading this, it took me about 2 hours to write..

So please leave a comment telling me your thoughts, and maybe even start a discussion..


Cya on the Battlefield.

-Gunnery Sargaent, Suad1997-


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